3 People Help Cop Being Attacked By Man Near The Highway

3 People Help Cop Being Attacked By Man Near The Highway

The man had put the officer in a chokehold.

An officer of California Highway Patrol, being beaten by a stranger on the side of a road, was saved by three courageous men. A video of the incident, that took place on Friday, has appeared on social media and shows the fight starting after an argument. According to CBS Los Angeles, two officers approached a man who was accused of yelling at drivers near the I-5 Freeway on-ramp and Main Street in Santa Ana. However, only one officer remained and the other one left after issuing a warning to the man.

The suspect then engaged in an argument with the remaining officer, according to California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Everado Navarro, who was driving by, saw the fight and noticed the officer in a headlock. He immediately stopped and rushed to help the CHP officer.

“I think about my kids at that moment. And at the same time, I did think the officer may have a family as well,” he told the outlet.

The man was able to throw the officer off his bike, pinned him to the ground and started beating him mercilessly.

“I punched the guy in the ribs but it felt like nothing,” said Mr Navarro. “He just continued grabbing the officer down. At that moment, my only concern was to avoid the person from grabbing the officer’s gun.”

Two other people rushed over to help Mr Navarro and the three men were able to pull the suspect off the officer.

According to New York Post, the officer sustained minor injuries to his thumb and the attacker was hospitalised for injuries to his face.

Mr Navarro said the officer thanked the group of me “five, six times”.

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