Matthew Perry Was “Doing Really Well” Before Death, Says Pickleball Coach

Matthew Perry Was 'Doing Really Well' Before Death, Says Pickleball Coach

Matthew Perry with Matt Manasse.

Matthew Perry, the actor best known for playing the role of Chandler Bing in the sitcom ‘Friends’ died at the age of 54 in Los Angeles on October 28. He was found unconscious in a hot tub and the first responders were unable to revive him. As per reports, the actor was playing pickleball shortly before his demise. Mr Perry’s pickleball coach has now revealed that the actor was “doing really well” before his death. He also used the sport as a means to help others who were staying at the rehabilitation centre he had established.

Matt Manasse spoke to People Magazine and said, “He was doing an awesome job. He loved it. He came out five times a week, would always talk about it. (He) got so much better, always made everyone laugh. He was competitive, just a genuine, good guy – caring for everybody. Pickleball was his outlet. He really looked forward to it. He was a competitive guy, not in a bad way at all…When he hit an unbelievable shot, he would tell you about it for days.”

“He thought it was something that could help with his recovery,” the coach said, talking about the actor’s struggles with drug abuse. Mr Perry battled for years with addiction to painkillers and alcohol and attended rehabilitation clinics on multiple occasions. The actor detailed his addiction to Vicodin following a jet ski accident in 1997, admitting that he was taking up to 55 pills a day at one point.

“He had so much that he was doing with his rehab facility and trying to get people clean. He would bring them to teach them pickleball. He was just always trying to help people,” Mr Manasse added.

Mr Manasse highlighted that he was always there to support him and would often say, “Whatever you need. Anything you need, I’m there for you.” The 35-year-old coach told the outlet, “That was just the kind of guy he was. We went to dinner together. I was over at his place for the Super Bowl. He cared about other people. He was a really good person.”

The coach, who last spoke to his buddy “Matty” a week before his death, says he wants people to know that the actor was “a guy who wanted to help people and was selfless.” “He cared about everyone – your day was better when you saw him or when he called. He never missed an opportunity for a funny joke to make you laugh. Just a genuinely amazing person. Everyone should know he had a heart of gold,” he concluded. 

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