Mexican Man Eats Wife’s Brain In Tacos, Uses Skull As Ashtray: Report

Mexican Man Eats Wife's Brain In Tacos, Uses Skull As Ashtray: Report

Alvaro married Maria Montserrat, 38, less than a year ago. (Representational)


A man, identified as Alvaro, has been arrested in Mexico for allegedly eating his wife’s brain in tacos after killing her. The 32-year-old was arrested from his home in Pueblo on July 2, reported The Mirror

Mr Alvaro, a builder by profession, allegedly murdered his wife on June 29 under the influence of a banned substance. The accused reportedly told the police that Santa Muerte (Our Lady of Holy Death) and the devil had ordered him to commit the crime.

Alvaro married Maria Montserrat, 38, less than a year ago. She had five daughters, aged from 12 to 23.

The Mirror report claimed that the accused has confessed to eating part of his wife’s brain in tacos and using her shattered skull as an ashtray. He dismembered the victim’s body and placed it in a plastic bag.

Two days after the alleged murder, the accused reportedly called one of his stepdaughters to confess his crime. “He told one of her daughters to come and collect her mum because ‘I already killed her and put her in bags’,” the victim’s mother Maria Alicia Montiel Serran, told local media.

Ms Serran added that the man chopped up her daughter’s body “with a machete, a chisel, and a hammer”.

“Drugs, he used them, and he snorted cocaine and everything. Well, I think he had mental problems because to do something like that…,” Ms Serran was quoted as saying. 

The family also accused him of physically and sexually harassing the victim’s daughters.  

Meanwhile, the police also found a black magic altar in their home during the investigation.

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