Two-day training programme on climate change and its impact on health

The Divecha Centre for Climate Change (DCCC), Indian Institute of Science, is organising a two-day training programme on ‘Health in a changing climate: Empowering health professionals’ on February 3 and 4 at the DCCC auditorium at the institute.

This first-of-its-kind training programme is for health professionals and is aimed to sensitise and educate the medical fraternity about the perils of climate change and prepare doctors for the illnesses that could arise due to global warming, the DCCC said.

It added that this workshop will bring together climate scientists and medical doctors to discuss and address issues that arise due to increase in greenhouse gas emissions, deteriorating water quality, glacial melt, health burden due to bad air quality, health risks due to soil and plastic contaminants, impact of natural disasters, and health adaptation. The scientists will highlight their ongoing research activities and their scientific findings on climate change.

Subsequently, in an interactive session, the medical fraternity will discuss the issues of the health impact that arises due to these climate change issues.

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