US Doctor Extracts 150 Live Bugs From Man’s Swollen Face: Report

US Doctor Extracts 150 Live Bugs From Man's Swollen Face: Report

The man sought medical attention at Hospital for face and lip swelling.

A Florida man is recovering after a harrowing ordeal involving over 150 live bugs residing in his nose and sinuses, according to First Coast News. The unidentified patient, who started feeling unwell in October but experienced severe symptoms earlier this month, sought medical attention after his entire face swelled and he suffered constant nosebleeds.

Doctors at HCA Florida Memorial Hospital were stunned by their findings. Dr David Carlson, an ENT specialist, discovered a swarm of larvae, some as large as his pinky finger, feasting inside the man’s nasal cavity. The situation was critical, with potential erosion near the skull base and close proximity to vital organs, according to the news portal.

Initially attempting suction, Dr. Carlson ultimately had to meticulously remove each insect individually. “They were right up against his skull base, near the brain. If they had gone through, it could have been fatal,” he emphasized.

The unidentified bugs are currently being analyzed to determine their species. The man, thankfully, is expected to make a full recovery.

The exact cause of the infestation remains unclear, but the patient suspects his handling of dead fish without proper hygiene might be to blame. He has vowed to improve his handwashing habits to prevent similar incidents in the future.

“I know that I have to change my lifestyle as far as I handle fish,” he told First Coast News.

“Before, I would rinse my hands in the river, now I’ll use cleaner to do a better job and not touch my nose or my hand.”

Dr Carlson said that in his lengthy career as an ears, nose and throat specialist he had not seen a case like this documented in the US.

The rare condition is called nasal myiasis, which is the infestation of fly larvae.

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