US Teacher Threatens To Behead Student Over Israeli Flag Remark, Arrested

US Teacher Threatens To Behead Student Over Israeli Flag Remark, Arrested

Benjamin Reese is listed as a seventh-grade Social Studies teacher.

A school teacher in Georgia was arrested for allegedly threatening to behead a student in his class for saying that she was offended by the Israeli flag. A police report, obtained by ABC News, claimed that Benjamin Reese has been charged with terror threats and cruelty to children.

The Houston County Sheriff’s Office report revealed that Reese is listed as a seventh-grade Social Studies teacher on the Warner Robins Middle School website.

The American network revealed that the incident was reported by another teacher, who found Reese yelling at three students in a hallway on December 7.

The report claimed that another teacher heard Reese yelling “I’ll kick your a**! I should cut your mother*****g head offโ€ at students. An officer stated that several teachers, staff members and students heard the 51-year-old threatening the students.

The student, who was targeted by Benjamin Reese, told the police that she had approached him to ask about the Israeli flag in his classroom.

The incident report said that the student had “pointed at the Israeli flag and told Reese that she has a question about it.”

Responding to the student’s question about why the Israeli flag is hanging in his classroom, the teacher said, “that he was Jewish and has family members that still live there.โ€

The incident report revealed that the student found the flag offensive as “Israelis killing Pakistanians.โ€ So far it is unclear if the student or the responding officer who wrote the report meant “Palestinians” in the report, referring to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

The incident report cited the student as saying that the teacher “was trying to keep her from leaving and demanded to know who she was and who was her first-period teacher.”

A separate account, in the report, informed that neighbouring classes heard the argument when Reese reportedly yelled, “You don’t make an antisemitic comment like that to a Jew.”

A report in The Guardian cited a police account reviewed by WMAZ, wherein Reese was quoted as threatening the student, “I will drag her a** into the parking lot, slit her f***** throat and kill her.โ€

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