xAI: 5 Points On Elon Musk’s New Company That Will Take On OpenAI, Google

xAI: 5 Points On Elon Musk's New Company That Will Take On OpenAI, Google

Accordinng to reports, Elon Musk registered xAI in Nevada in April.

Elon Musk has announced setting up of a new company called xAI, which will “understand reality”, according to his tweet. As per the company’s website, it’s purpose is to “understand the true nature of the universe”.

Here are five points on xAI:

  1. In the tech universe, the term is used as a short form for Explainable AI, also known as Interpretable AI. It helps humans understand the reasoning behind decisions or predictions made by the AI. However, neither Mr Musk nor the newly-formed company has said anything about its meaning. The team will hold Twitter Spaces, a virtual meeting, on July 14 to answer questions about the company and its vision.

  2. According to a report in The Verge, xAI was registered in April in Nevada. At that time, the world’s richest man had listed as its director, and Jared Birchall, the director of Mr Musk’s family office, as its secretary.

  3. Time Magazine said the company in March purchased 10,000 graphics processing units – hardware that is required to develop and run state-of-the-art AI systems. xAI has not said anything about how it is financed but the Financial Times reported in April that Mr Musk was discussing getting funding from investors in SpaceX and Tesla, two companies he runs.

  4. xAI website said it is separate from Mr Musk’s Twitter (now called X Corp), but will work closely with Tesla and other companies.

  5. In addition to Mr Musk, the xAI website lists Igor Babuschkin, Manuel Kroiss, Yuhuai Wu, Christian Szegedy, Jimmy Ba, Toby Pohlen, Ross Nordeen, Kyle Kosic, Greg Yang, Guodong Zhang, and Zihang Dai as part of the team. xAI’s team is currently advised by Dan Hendrycks, a researcher who currently leads the Centre for AI Safety, a San Francisco-based organisation that warns against developing AI too quickly.

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