D Seshachary of the Hyderabad Brothers passes away

D. Seshachary, one of the Hyderabad Brothers, who passed away in Hyderabad on Saturday.

D. Seshachary, one of the Hyderabad Brothers, who passed away in Hyderabad on Saturday.

D. Seshachary, renowned classical vocalist and part of the illustrious Hyderabad Brothers, breathed his last on Saturday evening, leaving behind a legacy of rich Carnatic music. According to his brother Chary, a journalist at a regional newspaper, the 66-year-old classical musician was undergoing treatment at Basavatarakam Cancer Hospital for some time.

Mr. Seshachary leaves behind his wife Sharada, son Srinivas Chary and daughter Archana. His mortal remains are kept at their residence in Padmarao Nagar, and cremation will take place on Sunday, according to the family.

Born into a family deeply rooted in the rich musical traditions of Hyderabad, Mr. Seshachary’s journey in music began at a young age under the guidance of his father Daroor Ratnamacharyulu and mother Sulochana Devi, who was also a Carnatic musician.

With his brother D. Raghavachary, Mr. Seshachary embarked on a remarkable partnership, enthralling the rasikas with their skilful and masterly renditions of Carnatic music.

The Hyderabad Brothers began their kacheri journey in Madras (now Chennai), the mecca of Carnatic music. They matched the high standards expected by the discerning rasikas of the city. The experience gained there bolstered their confidence, and upon returning to Hyderabad, they continued to captivate the audience with their classical renditions.

Their performances appealed not only to the traditional rasikas but also attracted a new generation of Carnatic music lovers in Hyderabad. This success marked a significant milestone in their musical journey, establishing them as formidable artistes in the Carnatic music scene.

Mr. Seshachary and Mr. Raghavachary had a harmonious balance in their joint concert performances. Mr. Seshachary’s vibrant rendition added energy, while Mr. Raghavachary’s subdued presentation brought depth. This combination allowed the Brothers to complement each other well, creating an engaging performance for their audience.

Their performances at major sabhas and venues across India and abroad have garnered widespread acclaim and numerous awards. Notably, in 2013, the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi recognised their exceptional talent by presenting them with the coveted award in the Carnatic classical music category.

Mr. Seshachary’s influence on Carnatic music is unmistakable, as evidenced by the numerous young musicians he had trained, who went on to become accomplished concert artistes in their own right. What sets these musicians apart is their ability to carry forward a distinctive “Seshachary-style” within their musical canvas.

The Brothers gave several concerts on AIR and Doordarshan and have released nearly 50 CDs of their renditions.

With his untimely passing, the classical music fraternity faces an irreparable loss, but Mr. Seshachary’s contributions to the world of music will extend far beyond his mortal years as his recordings and teachings continue to inspire generations of musicians.

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