‘Shaitan’: Trailer out of Telugu crime drama starring Rishi, Ravi Kale

Rishi in ‘Shaitan’

Rishi in ‘Shaitan’
| Photo Credit: DisneyPlus Hotstar/YouTube

The trailer of Shaitan, the Telugu crime drama starring Rishi, Ravi Kale, Lena, and Jaffer Sadiq, is out. The series will premiere on Disney+Hotstar from June 15 onwards.

Shaitan is created and directed by Mahi V Raghav of Save The Tigers fame. The two-minute trailer gives a glimpse of a violent saga involving serial killers, who hurl expletives and commit cold-blooded murders.

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Sriram Muddury has composed the music for the series while Shanmuga Sundaram is the cinematographer. Nithin Prasanna, Kamakshi Bhaskarla, Manikandan, Ravi Kumar, Aneesha Dama and Sanjay Krishna form the rest of the cast.

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