Ayurveda suggests drinking sun-charged water; here’s why

It is a well-known fact that adequate exposure to sunlight is needed to meet the body’s vitamin D requirements for optimum health. But have you ever heard of sun-charged water, which holds great importance in Ayurveda?

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“It is the main source of fire (heat), one of the elements which make our earth. As per Ayurveda, sunlight can treat a lot of health problems,” Ayurvedic expert Dr Nitika Kohli wrote on Instagram as she shared the many ways sun charged water can boost health.

Take a look

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*Sun charged water has anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties which keep health problems and skin issues at bay.

*If you are someone who feels a lack of energy throughout the day, consider drinking sun charged water.

*It is also great for the skin as it “heals common skin problems like rashes, redness and keeps your skin radiant”.

*If you have been suffering from common eye or skin issues, then you must wash them with sun charged water, Dr Kohli suggested. “Since this water has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, it keeps any common problems at bay.”

“Though sun charged water is completely natural and shouldn’t have any side effects on your health, we recommend you consult a doctor if undergoing medication or a treatment,” she suggested.

How to make sun charged water?

To make this “magic potion” at home, follow these tips, as shared by the Ayurvedic expert.

*Fill a glass bottle with water and keep it in the sun for at least 8 hours. You can do this daily or keep it in the sun for 8 hours for 3 days for the best results.

*Avoid refrigerating this water as this can reduce the health benefits of water.

*Drink this water throughout the day. Depending on how much water you drink, you can put one or more bottles in the sun.

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