Dietitian shares ‘prescription for all diseases of body and mind’

It needs no retelling that regularly following healthy habits and having a positive attitude contributes to good health. But despite knowing about the same, many of us forget to follow the same. But the good news is that it is never too late to adopt healthy practices that hold the key to a overall well-being.

Helping you with some such to-do’s is dietitian Lavleen Kaur who suggested a few pointers that she said can make all the difference and may help prevent chronic diseases too.

“Prescription for all diseases of body and mind. Small habits can change your lifestyle,” the dietitian said on Instagram.

Take a look at her suggestions below:

*Focus on positive health perspective and attitude.

*Work on gaining strength, stamina, energy, feeling light and happy, better digestion, quality sleep and mental hygiene, not just on number scale (weight loss).

*Improve gut health and reduce inflammation with well balanced quality diet

“No refined, processed, preserved food items, and yes to adequate exercise and meditation,” she mentioned.

*Develop sustainable habits and practice daily.

*Respect nature’s clock and follow body rhythm.

*Chew slowly.
*Switch off gadgets 60 minutes before going to bed and after waking up.
*Maintain food and lifestyle log to keep track.
*Hydrate your self.

“General guidelines can bring positive changes with zero side-effects. Lifestyle is a process not an outcome. One per cent every day progress becomes noticeable over a year or several years! Keep patience,” she said.

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