Diwali 2021: Some ways to enjoy a safe celebration this year

It is in the very nature of Indians to enjoy all festivities with a lot of zest. And Diwali happens to be an important celebration. On this day, people clean and light up their homes, and also exchange love, greetings and gifts with friends and family.

Traditionally, taking part in the revelry and coming together on the occasion is an important aspect of the celebration. But in the pandemic, social gatherings have been restricted, so as to stop the transmission of the Covid infection.

Dr Sandeep Patil, chief intensivist, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan says while celebrating Diwali 2021, one can gorge on delicious meals and maintain Covid-appropriate behaviour. He suggests some ways in which we can stay safe; read on.

* Covid-appropriate gatherings: Large parties and gatherings are best avoided. Have small family get-togethers. Ensure all members have received their vaccine shots and are wearing a surgical or N95 mask, using a sanitiser and washing hands with soap frequently. Remember to ventilate your house.

* Say no to crackers: Every year post-Diwali, the Air Quality Index (AQI) gets impacted. Covid is a respiratory infection, and poor air quality is hazardous for all. The loud noise of crackers is harmful for animals as well. Hence, don’t burst crackers and encourage others to join you in this endeavour.

* Use eco-friendly materials: Use earthen diyas and candles to reduce electricity consumption.

* Don’t overindulge: Prefer eating home-cooked meals and avoid food from outside. Stay away from sweets if you have diabetes and consume calorie-dense food with restraint.

Things to keep in mind, if you plan to go out:

– Always wear a mask and don’t take it off; carry sanitiser and paper soaps when outdoors.
– Avoid crowds and keep a spare mask handy.
– Wash the clothes you’re wearing outdoors with detergent and warm water, especially if you’ve been to a crowded place.
– Take a shower with warm water immediately after returning.
– Follow local authority-issued guidelines on curfew timings.
– Seek immediate medical consultation if you have any symptoms.

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