Expert shares Navratri diet tips ‘that will help you lose weight and detox’

Many people fast during the nine-day Navratri festival, which, according to experts is a good way to detox the body and also practice mindful eating. But, nutritionist Divya Sobti says that “though the nine-day Navratri fasting is a great way to lose some weight and tone your body, it can actually go opposite and make you gain weight too.”

What must one do then?

Sobti has a solution, too, as she says: “Now that I know the mistakes that make us all gain weight during Navratri, here are some tips that will help you lose weight and detox.”

She advised some dietary tweaks

Eat more vegetables

Having vegetables will keep you fuller for longer and thus stop you from binge eating. You can eat vegetable salads or vegetable soup.

Have small and frequent meals

Some people think fasting means not eating food and starve themselves. Doing so drops the blood glucose levels and takes away your energy. Instead of eating just one heavy meal one time, eat three-four small meals throughout the day.

Keep yourself hydrated

During Navratri fasts, which are observed during peak summer, not having water can make you feel hungry and weak. If you do not like plain water, opt for nimbu pani, coconut water, vegetables juice, and fruit juice to keep yourself hydrated.

Get moving

Fasting can make you feel tired and lazy and might want to make you rest more and move less. But this is not the right thing to do. So, do not miss your exercise sessions!

Opt for healthy homemade snacks

Opting for a healthier homemade snack plays a major role in weight loss. Instead of the market made vrat chips, laddus, vadas and more, you can roast some peanuts, or makhana at home.

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