From healing wounds to giving instant energy: Know the many health benefits of sattu (special recipe inside)

The summer season can be daunting as excessive heat can make you feel dehydrated, fatigued and restless. As such, it becomes necessary to consume cooling foods and drinks at regular intervals to keep yourself healthy and hydrated. One such most commonly suggested and healthy drink this season is – sattu!

Referred to as ‘poor man’s protein’, sattu is flour made of roasted chana. For fastening wound healing to relieving tiredness, it has a host of health benefits, according to ayurvedic expert Dr Nitika Kohli. As such, she listed a few such benefits of this “very famous and traditional drink” which you should consume to quench thirst and get energy this summer.

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Following are the health benefits of sattu, according to Dr Kohli

*It’s a health tonic as it improves overall health.
*It is good for eyes in summer, when dryness, burning, redness and itching of the eyes happen due to extreme heat. In this condition, sattu gives great relief.
*It is good for the throat and useful in throat related problems.
*It relieves weakness and gives instant energy.
*It helps in curing vomiting in summer.
*It relieves tiredness caused due to exertion, exercise and sometimes without doing anything.
*It relieves less or excessive hunger.
*It fastens wound healing.

If you are wondering how to consume sattu, make this refreshing drink that will down your temperature and fill in lots of fibre in your body.


  1. For two servings, take 1/2 a cup of chana and roast it on low flame for five to seven minutes, until aromatic.
  2. Let the mixture cool down and make powder.
  3. Take one teaspoonful of the powder in a glass.
  4. Add sugar or jaggery, salt, lemon and a glass of water to it.
  5. Mix well and enjoy!

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