Is it necessary to wear a bra for breast health, or can it be avoided? Find out

To wear or not to wear — a bra — has been a raging debate. A lot of women around the world view the brassiere as an annoyance. They would rather let their breasts be free than cage them in the fanciest of bras.

Then, there are others who cannot think of stepping out of the house — or even stay indoors — without a bra. There are also beliefs that not wearing a bra for a prolonged period can cause the breasts to droop and become saggy, altering their girth and shape.

But, is there any truth to it, or are they just myths?

According to Dr Tanaya, aka Dr Cuterus, wearing or not wearing a bra does not have an impact on health, as it is more of a “fashion statement”. She explains in an Instagram video that it is a personal choice, even though many people may feel that the piece of clothing can make their breasts and nipples appear “perky”.

“Some people like the way their body looks while wearing a bra… Some people — with larger breasts — find it very difficult to play sports without [wearing] a bra,” she says.

The doctor adds that if someone wants to wear it, they are free to do so, and likewise for those who do not wish to wear one. “Not wearing a bra will not make your boobs droopy or saggy. Underwired bras and black bras will not give you cancer. It is genuinely a matter of choice,” she says.

So, are you team bra, or team no-bra?

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