‘Make conscious choices’: Nutritionist shares mantra to manage sugar cravings during festivals

Sweets are an indispensable part of every occasion. As such we often end up giving in to sugar cravings, compromising on our health and fitness, especially during the festive and wedding season. But if you are someone with a sweet tooth, it becomes absolutely necessary for you to be mindful of your consumption and not go overboard.

But, we also know that it is easier said than done. Which is why we are here with some easy tips that can help, courtesy of nutritionist Lovneet Batra.

Food is an important aspect of any occasion. Well, foods leave us wanting for more. So here are some takeaways,” she mentioned in an Instagram post.

Time your sweets

“Timing is everything,” the nutritionist said. Make sure you eat your sweets in between your meals or about 45 minutes before your workout as a pre-workout snack.

The quality of sweets

Always choose lentil-based or milk-based sweets over refined flour sweets like biscuits or cookies, she suggested.

Choosing sweets

It is better if you can go for traditional homemade sweets. “These sweets are healthier and nutritious,” Batra said.

Festive season is the time to bond with people. Meet your friends and family and relish the quality time spent with them. Food brings people together and any celebration is incomplete without them. So, do not hold yourself back from enjoying this beautiful time. Just make conscious choices,” she said.

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