Nutritionist suggests ways to lose weight while enjoying your favourite foods

Weight loss does not happen in silos. Not only does it require time, patience and effort, it also equally tests ones willpower to control the urge to enjoy their favourite foods.

But, according to nutritionist Nancy Dehra, “enjoying food that you love while losing weight allows you to stick to your diet.” “Weight loss is achieved by staying in a caloric deficit. You can eat what you want while staying in a caloric deficit,” she said.

As such, “you can eat potatoes while losing weight. You can eat carbs after 7 pm and still lose weight. You can eat whatever you want and lose weight,” said Dehra in an Instagram video.

How do you do that?

The key, as per Dehra, lies in understanding when one is “consuming high-calorie foods”, and when to “reduce its portion size”.

But smaller portions can make one feel hungry quickly. What should be done?

“It is essential that you eat loads of vegetables when you are dieting because they are low in calories. Also, have lots of fibre as it keeps you full for longer. Another important macronutrient that you must focus on is protein because it offers high satiety and preserves muscle mass while losing weight,” she mentioned.

As per Dehra, carbs like potatoes; whole foods and fruits are a must while dieting.

“They are fulfilling and give your body the energy to perform several activities throughout the day. Moderation is the key. Dieting doesn’t mean starving, and if, on any given day. you exceed your caloric allowance, you do not have to beat yourself up. Just go back to eating right from the very next meal. This will help you in making a continuous progress,” she said.

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