Shaheen Bhatt on how micro-tasking ‘helps the hopelessness dissipate a tiny bit’

After opening up about her battle with mental health, and sharing how she deals with panic attacks, Shaheen Bhatt — in a conversation with singer-songwriter Ananya Birla on her platform ‘‘Here Comes The Sun,’ — spoke about how is it absolutely okay to do things “step-by-step” “if you can’t complete a task on your to-do list.”

“Just doing small things, getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, going for a walk, these are already very hard things to do,” she said, adding, instead of doing all of it at one, she focuses on “doing a part of it.”

“So, getting out of bed doesn’t mean you now have to go for a walk. Just wait, and then if you feel like getting back to bed, lie back.”

Citing another example, she aid that if one wants to go for a workout but feels too tired, then, “just put on your clothes; you don’t have to go to the gym yet.” Then, she suggested focusing on the self to know how one feels, and then decide. Once at the gym, know that “you still have the freedom to leave if you want.”

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“Take one step at a time. It helps the hopelessness dissipate a tiny bit,” she added.

Shaheen also opened up about feeling “pointless’, at times, “usually it’s because sometimes I am just stuck in a rut.” “If I don’t have anything to look forward to so I try to give myself things to look forward to — maybe a massage tomorrow or going to take my dog for a walk.”

She said that she sets small tasks for herself “which give me something to do each day.” “I call it future-proofing, which is trying to make some sort of plans for some time in the future,” she added.

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