What is the BB glow treatment and should you get one done?

Skincare has become primal in our lives today. We see a lot of trends on a daily basis promising to reduce a person’s age and make them youthful.

One of the top beauty trends today is the BB glow treatment. Dr Rashmi Shetty, a dermatologist shared a post on Instagram stating as to why this treatment should be avoided.


What is it?

BB glow is a cosmetic procedure that traces its origin to Korea and can also be called as semi-permanent makeup for skin.

Explaining the process, the dermatologist said, “They’re claiming they are going to mix makeup which is a tinted pigment and skincare and then drive it into your skin with micro needle smoothening on your skin. That is not safe.”

Reasons why it should be avoided:

It is unsafe

According to Dr Rashmi, there are documented side effects to this beauty treatment which include patchy skin, redness, dermatitis, allergic reactions, pigmentation and scarring, and for some people even swelling of the skin.

She wrote, “While driving in certain vitamins and nutrients into the skin using micro needling is normal and good, driving in non-degradable makeup like tinted pigment is not. Additionally, micro needling itself must be done with an experienced/well-trained technician because, if not done right, it could cause pigmentation and scarring.”

bb glow treatment BB glow treatment uses tinted pigment, applied by using a microneedle to penetrate the skin. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

It may not deliver what it promises

According to the dermatologist, the tinted pigment cannot be ensured to be deposited evenly as a technician uses the micro needle in circular motions throughout the face, leading to an uneven, patchy skin.

Adding to this, she said, “Semi permanent is a very subjective term. You may be putting your skin through danger/trauma/damage for just a week of brighter skin.”

The goal shouldn’t be a fairer skin

The expert talked about the importance of striving towards a healthy skin and not a fair skin.

“If you work on making your skin healthier, it will glow, look bright and even toned and radiant and you and everyone around you will love it. Changing your skin tone should never be a desire because every skin tone is beautiful when it is healthy and changing your skin tone is not possible,” she mentioned.

Furthermore, she suggested that micro needling method can be used to drive in nutrients and vitamins for a healthy skin.

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