Effective home remedies to relieve constipation in children

From less movement to eating more junk and sleeping late, children can experience constipation due to numerous reasons.

“Never thought this could be one of the most common ailments among kids, but can we blame them? Well, it’s not their fault. Its our current lifestyle that has made the kids love their indoor games and screens more than getting dirty in mud and playing in nature. On top of that, corona has imposed more restrictions on outdoor games,” Dr Dixa Bhavsar said on Instagram.

So what can you do if your child is not having regular bowel movements? Worry not, here’s some help from Ayurveda.


Listing some more reasons like less water intake that leads to dehydration, not having enough fluids in their diet and bad gut health, Dr Bhavsar added that sometimes, it could also result in “fissures and piles  due to stool being hard and painful while defecation”.

The Ayurvedic doctor then suggested a few ways to help combat the issue:

*Start giving them a glass of warm water every morning, on an empty stomach.

*Give them 4-5 soaked raisins first thing in the morning.

*Give them a glass of warm milk at bedtime with half a teaspoon of ghee.

*Apply hing (asafoetida) on their stomach at night in a clockwise direction to relieve gas issues.

*Avoid raw food and give them boiled or cooked food frequently.

*Reduce the amount of sugar, junk and dry packaged snacks, instead give them warm semi-solid freshly cooked meals.

*Make sure they move enough and engage in games that involve a lot of walking and running.

“That should be enough for normal constipation, but if it’s chronic- then its best to consult an ayurvedic doctor, discuss all the ailments in detail, find the root cause behind the issue and opt for ayurvedic herbs/meds instead of syrups and pills,” she concluded.

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