Expert recommends detox diet to shed winter weight before summer

Winters are all about survival. When the temperature drops dramatically, people tend to become lazy and alter their diet so as to suit the weather and keep themselves warm and fed. Daily activities reduce, too, with the urge to stay under the covers.

Nutritionist Sapna Jaysingh Patel, the founder of Health Before Wealth, says the consumption of fat-laden food can damage the body in the long run, because these foods are hard on the body and never get properly digested, leading to stomach aches, bloating, or constipation.

“Also, such an intake lowers body activity, making it heavy, resulting in low energy. Since summers are when generally the hot weather drains the body’s energy, it is imperative that it goes through a winter detoxification process to take out the excess accumulation of food,” she says.

weight loss, how to lose wight, weight loss tips Following a detox plan for a week alone won’t be enough. For a long-lasting impact, it is essential to adopt a holistic lifestyle that impacts the body in a healthy way.

According to Patel, it can benefit our body in a variety of ways, including boosting our metabolism, strengthening our immune system, promoting healthier skin and a clearer mind.

She suggests following this simple detox diet plan:

First thing in the morning

– 1 glass giloy juice
– 5 soaked almonds
– 2 soaked walnuts

For breakfast at 9.30 am

– 1 glass apple carrot beetroot juice with ginger, 1 spoon chia seeds OR
– 1 katori boiled moong with veggies OR
– 1 glass strawberry banana oats smoothie with 1 spoon flaxseeds OR
– 1 katori apple oatmeal OR
· 1 glass watermelon cucumber mint juice with 1 spoon chia seeds

Mid morning snack at 11.30 am

apple, apple health benefits, apple diet Apple are extremely healthy and are advised to be included in one’s diet.

– 1 apple/pear/guava OR
– 1 katori muskmelon OR
– 1 glass coconut water

Around 30 minutes before lunch

– 1 cup of green tea

For lunch at 1.00 pm

– 1 bowl steamed vegetables with 1 katori herbed rice, 1 cucumber OR
– 1 bowl sweet potato carrot salad, 1 katori vegetable raita OR
– 1 bowl lentil soup, 1 katori sauteed mushrooms with veggies OR
– 1 bowl quinoa vegetable salad with 1 spoon coconut oil OR
– 1 katori beans sabji, 1 katori moong dal, 1 oats cheela, 1 cucumber

Approximately 20 minutes after lunch

– 1 glass buttermilk with jeera powder, mint leaves/1 katori curd

Evening snacks at 5.00 pm

– 1 glass ash gourd [petha] juice/1 glass lemon water with sabja seeds
– 1 katori roasted chana, makhana OR
– 1 bowl mixed fruit salad with 1 spoon pumpkin seeds

Dinner at 7.30 pm

– 1 bowl sprouts and corn salad OR
– 1 bowl pumpkin soup, 1 moong dal cheela with green chutney OR
– 1 bowl roasted broccoli and quinoa salad OR
– 1 big bowl rajma coriander soup OR
– 1 katori herbed tofu, 1 palak roti

Around 30 minutes before sleeping

– 1 cup water with 2 tbsp aloe vera juice

“Following a detox plan for a week alone won’t be enough. For a long-lasting impact, it is essential to adopt a holistic lifestyle that impacts the body in a healthy way. You should switch to healthy home-cooked meals because it helps to keep the body in balance and provide just the right blend of nutrients. Also, consider engaging in any kind of exercise coupled with good sleep,” the expert concludes.

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