This ‘powerful yogic technique’ can help improve vision (but there are some contraindications)

Increased exposure to digital devices like smartphones and TVs, which emit blue light rays, can result in numerous eye problems like weak sight, watery eyes, and even pain. As such, it is extremely important to eat healthily and do certain exercises that aid eye health. “You can definitely aim to improve your eyesight by following a number of healthy lifestyle choices. These include a balanced diet (regular intake of foods that are loaded with vitamins A and C),” Juhi Kapoor, a fitness trainer, wrote on Instagram.

The yoga teacher further suggested including two amlas in one’s daily diet, avoiding excessive digital screen viewing especially in darkness or at night, along with a “very powerful yogic technique” that she said helps “to strengthen the muscles of the eye and improve impaired vision.”

The technique she mentioned is none other than ‘trataka’, an eye-cleansing kriya, in which the practitioner needs to move their eyeballs in different directions — up, right, down, left; followed by up, left, down, right. One can also rotate their eyeballs anticlockwise and clockwise (3-5 rounds each for 2-3 minutes). This can be practised “multiple times in the day, if possible,” she added.

Agreed Dr Prashant Mistry, a physiotherapist, and added that “while the tratak kriya strengthens the eye muscles and improves vision and memory, it should strictly be avoided in case of migraine, schizophrenia or hallucinations, and eye problems.”

Health benefits of Tratak Kriya

*Relieves headaches and migraine.
*Helps in insomnia or sleeping difficulties.
*Increases attention
*Sharpens eyesight
*Increases rain functionality increases
*Help to reduce anger.

Sharing a variation, Dr Mistry told that “the tratak kriya is also performed using points, stars, sun, moon, beacon, candle,” as he listed the steps to perform it:

* Choose a quiet place.
* Keep a burning beacon or candle at eye position.
*Place a dark fleck on a white paper is placed in the straight alignment of the candle.
* Concentrate on the light and fleck together.
*Focus on the light of the candle.
* Keep watching it until your eyes get tired.
* Close your eyes for a nanosecond.
*After this, wash your eyes with cold water.

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