Lose belly fat ‘like a pro’ with these effective Ayurvedic tips

Weight loss is a continuous journey that requires dedication and effort. And while many people succeed at losing extra kilos, it is belly fat that refuses to budge despite trying extremely hard. But, did you know that belly fat is “one of the signs of hormonal imbalance, poor metabolism, genetics and poor lifestyle choices?”

Ayurvedic expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar took to Instagram to shed some light on the same, while saying that: “Well whatever the reason might be, its 💯 possible to lose it with these simple tips.” Check out Dr Bhavsar’s post below:

Practice Suryanamaskars daily

Suryanamaskars are best for hormonal balance, metabolism and absorption of nutrients by the gut. They also help improve mental health, sleep and keeps your agni burning throughout (optimum digestion) which helps reduce stubborn belly fat easily,” she said. The expert recommended a total of 12 Suryanamaskars a day.

Practice Kapalbhati pranayam

Kapalbhati pranayam helps improves blood circulation and digestion, facilitates quick detox, and is best for burning belly fat as the abdomen is mainly involved during the practice of kapalbhati (continues exhalation). “It also helps regularise periods, improves the flow, manage PMS (so best for those suffering from PCOS, insulin resistance, thyroid),” she said. The expert recommended a total of 1,000 Kapalbhati pranayam a day.

Circadian Intermittent Fasting (CIF)

Intermittent fasting or IF is a popular dietary method in which you eat at a specific time and then fast for the next 8-10 hours. However, “circadian fasting means you stop eating post sunset. So CIF is eating for eight hours starting from morning and having your last meal either before sunset or within one hour of sunset. Best before 8 pm (Never post that),” she explained.

Drinking warm water

Warm water helps by improving your metabolism and burning fat not just from the belly but from everywhere. Also helps with bloating, gas, poor appetite and feeling heavy all the time.

Sound sleep

The doctor recommended at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday to achieve optimal results. “The better you sleep, the quicker you lose weight. Sound sleep for good 7-8 hours helps with liver detox, hormonal balance, weight loss, improving mental health by reducing cortisol (stress hormone) and providing your body and mind enough time to rest and digest (activates para sympathetic system),” she suggested.

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